Dear Children’s/Youth Ministry Volunteer, you are receiving this page because you indicated a desire to serve in the Children’s Ministry at Calvary Miami Beach.

Congratulations on your decision to serve the Lord in the Children’s/Youth Ministry at Calvary Miami Beach. In considering how you can best serve the Lord in this ministry, we want you know that it is typically a quarterly commitment with the hope that you would re-evaluate and serve periodically or consistently afterward. To move forward with the volunteer process we ask that you

  • Read the Statement of Faith at the bottom of the page and be ready to fill out the questionnaire at the link provided.

  • Complete all ministry forms, including the Children’s/Youth Ministry Questionnaire (see explanation below)

  • Complete an interview with an Overseeing Pastor if asked

  • Attend an Orientation meeting if asked

  • Attend Training if asked

Linked you will find a form requesting information of you of a personal nature. You might be surprised at the frankness of some of the questions. Please don’t let these questions intimidate you. We want to encourage you that if there is something in your background that might preclude you from serving in the Children’s Ministry, to talk to us about it. We feel no one has sinned so greatly that the blood of Christ cannot allow them to serve the body of Christ in some vital way, and we want God to be glorified through the gifts and talents he has given you.

At Calvary we desire to follow the Biblical mandates found in Scripture. 1 Timothy 3:1 says, “Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task.” This portion of Scripture brings things into greater perspective in verse seven – “He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap.”

As you consider your involvement in this ministry, understand that it is a position of an “overseer”, that of teacher or helper, and as such, we are defining a standard which will accomplish that which the Scriptures speak of, and the expectations of the society we live in.

Linked is a form to fill out and submit, which contains the following:

Click here when ready to fill out

Ministry Questionnaire & Children’s Ministry Questionnaire – This form is used in all areas of ministry here at Calvary, and as such, the responses may be looked at differently. We are not asking you to prepare and preach sermons. We are asking for your involvement in the lives of children and their parents. As you teach the bible to children bit by bit - you will learn (sometimes more than the kids!). Applicants in the Children’s/Youth Ministry are looked at as needing to have a general knowledge of the Bible and associated doctrines. You may be a new Christian and feel lacking in knowledge. If you don’t know the answer – just say so. We will be happy to discuss it with you. This is designed to provide general information regarding you as a person and you as a Christian. Should you not know answers to some of the questions regarding doctrine, don’t worry. Use the Bible along with a good concordance to define and accurately state your beliefs.

Consent Form – You are to read it in its entirety and fill in all the blanks. This form gives Calvary Chapel permission to request and keep on file the information you provide as well as any reported information.

FDLE Background Check – Due to the nature of ministry to minors, we as a church want to be above reproach as well as have a standard regarding the character of our volunteers. We are seeking to protect the children and insure their welfare to the parents, but we are also here to minister to every individual.

The Overseeing Pastor and Senior Pastor will be the only individuals who have authorized access to any and all information reported in the background check and questionnaire. Since we trust you to provide accurate and honest answers to information requested, we want you to know that this information will be kept in confidence. If after looking over the enclosed documents you feel you cannot answer a question, please complete the questionnaire, leaving the question blank, and ask for a meeting with the Overseeing Pastor so that the question can be talked about on an individual basis privately.

If you have already completed a Calvary Chapel Miami Beach Ministry Questionnaire let us know so we may examine it. If you are employed by a day care or school and have already gone through a FDLE Background check, ask your employer if a copy can be provided to the church. Print this letter, if necessary, for permission.

Our hope is that you will have a full and complete understanding of why Calvary Chapel is requiring all their volunteers involved in ministries to minors to go through a screening. As a church, we will be a witness to the outside world. Since the standard to which we are striving is one that exceeds those defined by the laws of man, our priority is to provide children and their parent’s confidence and safety from harm. However, we also place a priority on ministering to servants who may be vulnerable to harm themselves, conscious, or unconscious. We answer to a higher authority, and as such, take joy in knowing that these steps have been taken “so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders” (1 Thessalonians 4:12).

We request that the form be submitted electronically one week from you receiving it. Should you have any further questions, please, don’t hesitate to call. (305) 531-2730