Intensive christian training

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The next Intensive Christian Training Phase 1 begins September 12, 2019


It’s called Intensive Christian Training Program, or I.C.T., and it’s our prayer that you’re inspired by Him to participate! The purpose of I.C.T. is to provide biblical instruction and coaching that is founded on Truth (God’s Truth), rooted in Love (God’s Love), and modeled in all our lives (God’s calling for us). Through this program, we hope to help you discover God’s plan for your life, and to assist you in being equipped to live it out! That means, being a disciple that is rooted and grounded in His love, and being equipped to go and make more disciples who are also rooted and grounded in His love.

I.C.T. is comprised of three unique and successive phases that will take place in rotation, and each phase is one step for the next. In Phase 1, The Heart,  you will be introduced to Christianity and the foundations of our faith, and will be taught how to “feed” themselves spiritually. All participants who complete Phase 1 will be invited to move on to becoming Phase 2 students. In Phase 2, The Mind, you will delve more deeply into the Word of God, focusing on growing in spiritual maturity and identifying spiritual gifts, as well as learning how to apply our faith in everyday life. Phase 2 will be a much more rigorous and demanding module, designed to challenge those courageous enough to step into it. Those who complete Phase 2 may be invited to move on to Phase 3. With a focus on growing in spiritual leadership and utilizing their God-given gifts, Phase 3 The Hands, you will receive training in biblical mediation, public speaking and biblical counseling. Most significantly, though, Phase 3 you will serve, love, and nurture the newest Phase 1 and Phase 2 groups by actively and practically applying spiritual leadership principles and their own unique gifts. I.C.T. is designed to flow in a cycle, being poured in to, but also being poured out in service to the church family and our community.

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