My dear co-laborer in Christ,

I can’t tell you how excited I am that you have decided to apply to our School of Urban Ministry &
Missions! That fact alone tells me that you are pursuing God’s plan for your life! This step of faith is
something that the Lord will honor and He will bless as you continue to trust in Him and persevere over the course of the next year. It won’t be easy, but few GOOD things are ever easy! It WILL be rewarding as you watch the Holy Spirit challenge, stretch, build and use you as a blessing to others, for Jesus’ sake and for His Glory! Our hope is that the Lord will use this time of training and equipping to prepare you for whatever plans He has for your future. Whether His purpose for your life includes serving on a local church staff, planting a church somewhere in the USA, moving to another country as a missionary, or serving Him as a missionary in your current career-path and vocation, our goal is to provide instruction, training, and practical assistance that will help you to be even more fruitful for the Kingdom!

We have already been praying for you, and we will continue to pray for you throughout this year of
preparation. May the Spirit of the Lord fill you afresh each and every morning and may you flourish as you follow Him!

Reaching Miami Beach & beyond,



Dear S.U.M.M Applicant,
Congratulations on your decision to apply for S.U.M.M, to seek Gods will for your life, and grow
in your personal walk with Christ. Calvary Chapel Miami Beach is extremely excited to serve you
and seek together how you can best serve the Lord through a lifestyle of ministry. Please be
aware up front that it is a demanding 12-month commitment with mandatory weekly classes,
book and Scripture study, serving throughout CCMB ministries, class projects, ministry trips,
and outreach! (8-15 hrs. minimum a week) The requirements can seem overwhelming, but we
assure you if God has asked you to go through this school, He will give you all the time and
resources to accomplish all that is required. PRAYER is key! After praying and seeking God’s
will please continue with these steps:
• Complete all forms
• Complete an interview with an Overseeing Pastor (we will set-up interviews)
• Attend all classes
• Complete tasks/ministry requirements
Below you will find the application requesting information of you of a personal nature.
You might be surprised at the frankness of some of the questions. Please don’t let these
questions intimidate you. We want to encourage you that if there is something in your
background that might preclude you from serving in Ministry, to talk to us about it. We feel no
one has sinned so greatly that the blood of Christ cannot allow them to serve the body of Christ
in some vital way, and we want God to be glorified through the gifts and talents He has given
At Calvary we desire to follow the Biblical mandates found in Scripture. 1 Timothy 3:1 says,
“Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble
task.” This portion of Scripture brings things into greater perspective in verse seven – “He must
also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the
devil’s trap.” This is one reason we are asking 3 separate references from you. 1.) From a
Pastor/elder. 2.) family member 3.) co-worker/friend (if possible we prefer 1 reference to be from
a non-believer)
As you consider your involvement in S.U.M.M, understand that it is a calling of an “overseer”,
that of teacher or helper, and as such, we are defining a standard which will accomplish the the
Scriptural description, as well as the expectations of the society we live in.
The Overseeing Pastor and Senior Pastor will be the only individuals with authorized access to
any and all information reported in the background check and questionnaire. Since we trust you
to provide accurate and honest answers to information requested, we want to assure you that
this information will be kept in confidence. If, after looking over the enclosed documents, you
feel you cannot answer a question, please complete the questionnaire, leaving the question
blank, and ask for a meeting with the Overseeing Pastor so that the question can be talked
about on an individual basis privately.