As you begin your planning for this very special event it’s important to remember that a wedding is not an end in itself, but only a means to an end. You see, a wedding, as exciting as it is, is simply the BEGINNING OF A MARRIAGE. Because of that, our objective at Calvary Chapel Miami Beach is to help launch your marriage on the very best foundation possible. Too often couples invest more time and energy into choosing their invitations and planning the reception details than they do into preparing the relationship for the inevitable adjustments, which they must soon confront as newlyweds! Our goal is to help equip you to successfully navigate the next weeks and months so that, by God’s grace, you will have the necessary tools to build a rich and fruitful life together.

Ephesians 5:31 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”  May that be true for you!

Gripped by His grace,
Pastor Robert


In order for a Calvary Miami Beach pastor to conduct your ceremony we ask (1) that you actively attend Calvary Chapel Miami Beach, and (2) that you complete a minimum of three pre-marital classes with a Calvary Miami Beach pastor, in addition to an initial meeting with a pastor.

As a precursor to pre-marital classes you will be asked to take an IPI Profile Questionnaire online, which will be used to help guide your pastor during your pre-marital classes. The IPI Profile costs $50 per person, and is suited to your individual needs as a couple: first-time marriage, inter-marriage (for all intermarriage situations: religious, ethnic, cultural, etc.), previously married, or with children from a previous marriage/relationship. As you create a profile for this questionnaire, please include your pastor as the recipient of the profile results.

You can open and begin the IPI Profile Here.



In order to use our facility for weddings, your ceremony must be officiated by a Calvary Chapel Miami Beach pastor, or a pastor from another Calvary Chapel affiliate church.

Our church occupies an historic building in the North Beach area of Miami Beach. Originally First Presbyterian Church of Miami Beach, designed by Russel Pancoast Architects in 1952, Calvary Miami Beach has lovingly restored the facility to its original beauty, and has added up-to-date sound and lighting to enhance our beautiful sanctuary. We are surrounded by Art Deco beauty, and we are located just a short walk from the beach.

Parking is available in 4 municipal lots, each within 1 block of our building. Calvary Miami Beach does not own a parking lot.

We require an Event Planner/Wedding Coordinator and an event time-line to use our facility for your event. An event planner will need coordinate all the services and vendors for the wedding and arrange for necessary integration with our facility. If you do not have a designated Event Coordinator, we would be happy to recommend one to serve you. If we have an in-house Coordinator available for your event, we will happily make that an option available to you (details regarding fees listed below).

Please notify us of all services by vendors that you plan to use for your ceremony so we can make arrangements to accommodate, or help you adjust, as needed. Vendors must be coordinated by your wedding planner/coordinator, and must provide a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance to the church before the event date. If needed, please request a list of vendors (flowers, reception, event coordinators, photographers, etc).

Monday        Church closed*
Tuesday        Daytime Availability*
Wednesday   Daytime Availability*
Thursday      Daytime Availability*
Friday           Daytime or Evening Availability*
Saturday       Daytime or Evening Availability*
Sunday         Not available

*Please call for exact times and dates, availability subject to change. $100 deposit required to hold date and time.


The following fees are prayerfully set to cover the costs to Calvary Chapel Miami Beach for facilitating your ceremony, and to bless the people who will work to serve you above and beyond their normal work hours.

Use of Chapel**: $300

- Seating for up to 150 persons on the floor, and an additional 40 in the balcony
- Use of stage area
- Additional rooms for bridal/groomsmen party prep (availability subject to change depending on        church schedule)
- Audio/Visual Technician
- Cleaning Fee

Use of Dining Room**: $100

- Seating for up to 50, or general use up to 80 persons
- Kitchen prep area
- Must be left clean by wedding party

**Please note, additional fees may apply if any part of the facility, or property therein, is damaged, lost, stolen, or left dirty.

Use of In-House Wedding Coordinator: $200

- Assistance with planning use of facility
- Assistance coordinating volunteers to help with set-up, break down (as available)
- Guidance regarding ceremony timeline/order of events
- Guidance during wedding rehearsal
- Event coordinating on the wedding day, through to the end of the reception
- Assistance obtaining required permit(s) (for beach-side weddings***)

***Beach Wedding Permits: Should you wish to do a beach ceremony (on the sand), the City of Miami Beach requires a permit. Permit costs vary depending on the size of your ceremony and if you will need to use a generator. If you would like to have your wedding on the beach, please let us know so we can help connect you with the City of Miami Beach.

Use of Clergy as Officiant: $300-500 suggested offering

For more information contact Church Administrator, Erica Dudley at (305) 531-2730 or


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